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How well do your hand-painted pieces hold up over time in terms of durability?

Artist Mia Thompson employs a method to guarantee the longevity of the bespoke artwork on your accessories. The procedure commences by prepping the canvas of your item before any artwork is applied. Once the canvas is ready, the design is meticulously crafted using premium leather paints that are fortified with an adhesive, ensuring the long-lasting durability of your piece.

How much does it cost to customize an accessory I already own?

The pricing of the pieces is contingent on factors such as size, design intricacy, and surface type. Prices start at $75 and increase accordingly. Grace Alexander Studio is flexible and capable of accommodating various budgets. For any questions or inquiries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

What’s the typical timeframe for customizing my accessory?

Artist Mia Thompson is the exclusive designer. The turnaround time is influenced by the number of accessories currently in the queue. Generally, you can anticipate a turnaround time of 3-5 weeks or even less. If you wish to prioritize your item and receive it within 1-2 weeks, a rush fee of $150 is available upon request.

Do you provide painting services for all brands of accessories?

Certainly, Artist Mia Thompson specializes in working with a diverse range of brands and surfaces. These surfaces encompass materials such as leather, synthetic leather, canvas, and polyethylene plastic (Yeti).

I’m interested in a piece you’ve previously created. Could you replicate that painting for me?

Grace Alexander Studio maintains a policy of originality, avoiding the replication of other artists’ works. While we’re open to drawing inspiration from designs you admire, we do not produce exact replicas.

Do you offer repair services?

Certainly, our repair services involve the process of retouching areas on your accessory that may have become discolored or worn over time.

Do you provide services to remove paint?

Artist Mia Thompson has the capability to eliminate existing paint, but this process may impact the surface of the canvas where the paint was initially applied. Should you decide to alter your previous artwork, Mia can create a fresh design to overlay the existing one.

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