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Personalized Painting, Pottery, Art Party Apron

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Party Aprons are ideal for your child’s upcoming Art Party or Painting Pottery Party!
Choose an apron for each budding artist. These white canvas tie-up aprons can be personalized with the name and age of your birthday girl or boy, along with a vibrant art palette or cupcake adorned with gems and bows. They not only serve as a fantastic way to safeguard your little artist’s clothing but also provide an engaging activity during the party. Encourage your young artists to express themselves by decorating their canvas aprons with fabric markers. As an extra special touch, pass the birthday girl or boy’s apron around for all the guests to sign, creating a cherished keepsake for the birthday child to take home and display. Gather your young artists in their aprons for a group photo – it’s a wonderful shot to include in your thank-you notes!

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100% cotton canvas apron. Sized to fit toddlers and small children just right. (Clients have purchased this apron size for children from ages 2 through 10) 13″x19″ with 14″ ties. 

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