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Disclaimer of Endorsement

Grace Alexander Studio maintains no affiliation with Goyard Brand, Louis Vuitton Brand, or any other designer brand, in any capacity. All accessories are client-owned and sent by the client for bespoke hand-painted designs. Grace Alexander Studio explicitly disclaims any claims to the rights associated with the LV, Goyard, or any related trademarks. We assert no connection, sponsorship, or collaboration with any registered trademarks or trademark holders.

Customization Terms

Please review our shipping and return policies before finalizing your checkout. Please note that any commissioned artwork or items made to order are non-refundable without exception. By completing your purchase, you are affirming your agreement with all the terms of service. Upon making the payment, the client certifies ownership of the item and the right to request alterations.

The client acknowledges that the company Grace Alexander Studio is not responsible for the item’s condition and identification at the time of receipt. If the item is lost or stolen while in Grace Alexander Studio’s care, the client agrees to accept a maximum payment for a replacement bag in a similar condition as determined and provided by Grace Alexander Studio.

The client confirms their acceptance of Grace Alexander Studio’s billing and return policies as outlined in this Customization Agreement, reflecting the mutual understanding between the client and Grace Alexander Studio.
Grace Alexander Studio reserves the right to share before, during, and after photos of completed projects on their social media platforms. The client agrees to grant Grace Alexander Studio artistic creative freedom during the design application process and understands that Grace Alexander Studio creates designs by hand, which may result in variations from any digital mock-ups provided.

The client understands that the artwork painted will vary from mock-ups. and mock-ups are for general reference. Completion times are estimations and are not guaranteed. Grace Alexander Studio claims no responsibility for the artwork canvas on the client’s item once it is returned. The client is responsible for caring for its newly painted canvas. The formal quote is valid for 14 days post-offering. Once an order is placed it cannot be canceled, or refunded and the Client agrees not to perform a chargeback under any circumstances. Client information will be kept confidential. By remitting payment, the Client agrees to all terms and conditions set forth. If you have any questions, please contact us here.


Please note that all sales are considered final for custom and personalized artwork.

Handbag Artwork:
We employ a specialized paint mix and application process to enhance the paint’s durability. However, it’s important to note that we cannot guarantee the longevity of the paint since we lack control over how the canvas is cared for once it’s in your possession. The responsibility for maintaining your painted handbag falls upon you. Our artwork is meticulously crafted by talented artists, and while we make every effort to closely replicate the original design, there may be slight variations. Please be aware that we do not accept returns for artwork that may exhibit minor differences from the photos on our website or the digital mock-ups provided for custom designs.

Grace Alexander Studio wants to emphasize that we do not accept returns for personalized, customized, or custom orders under any

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